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Classic Restoration & Construction is an IICRC-certified firm whose lead technicians and key estimators have the required certifications and experience to ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned and the mold problem abated. Because common building materials are capable of sustaining mold growth, and mold spores are everywhere, mold growth in an indoor environment is typically related to elevated moisture levels indoors. Flooding, leaky roofs, building maintenance problems, or indoor plumbing problems are also leading causes of mold growth inside.

During a mold remediation, CRC technicians will 1) identify suspected areas of mold growth; 2) build a containment to prevent mold spores from spreading to other areas of the home; 3) clean out mold from affected areas; 4) dispose of materials too damaged to be saved; 5) install “air scrubbers” which literally scrub the air of mold spores; 6) dry out the affected areas to prevent further microbial growth; 7) spray a biocide to mitigate against further mold growth; and 8) hire an independent third-party to perform a 3-level test to “clear” the area.

We take pride in our ability to efficiently remediate mold problems while saving as much as possible on your behalf. This includes items like bracing countertops and counter faces when applicable so that you can have your home back as soon as possible.

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